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Life insurance isn't the nicest topic - we get that. But it's something we should all be talking about. 23,600 parents of dependent children die every year in the UK. It’s a sad truth, but a child loses a parent every 22 minutes.*

Now, we’re not telling you to expect the worst! But, if your kids depend on you financially, you need to face up to the possibility.

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We believe no family should live without the protection of good life insurance. It's our mission to get families like yours covered.

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We work with the UK's best regulated intermediaries and top insurance providers. You deserve the best - we're here to bring you it.

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QuoteHeroes work with the best insurance providers in the UK to bring you top deals every time. Fancy a free Fitbit or £50 towards your shopping? These are just some of the benefits offered by providers we work with.

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Our partners at Insured Life offer one of the nation’s best Reward Schemes on Life Insurance packages - with access to over 7,500 discount, cashback, and voucher extras.

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Our experts advise based on what’s best for you, using the details you provide. Plus, you can feel confident in the knowledge that our partners are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Frequently asked questions

Life insurance is something we don’t talk about much - and it’s understandable; an unexpected death doesn’t bear thinking about. But let’s face the facts: losing a parent is catastrophic for a child. Nobody can dispute that. But, on top of the emotional impact, many people don’t consider the consequences of a youngster losing the financial security of a parent’s income. That’s where we come in. It’s our mission to help families like yours to stay afloat should the unthinkable happen. We work with regulated intermediaries to match up parents with proper life cover - making sure that every family is protected.

We work directly with regulated intermediaries and insurance brokers to bring you the cover you’re looking for without the hassle of running around in circles between providers. We take the information you give us and pass it on to our trusted insurance experts who will be able to find you the perfect quote. Oh, and the best part? Our service is completely without obligation and is completely free! Everything’s better when you keep it simple, right?

Yes, absolutely. Every QuoteHeroes insurance partner is FCA-authorised, meaning they’ve committed to a duty of care to treat every customer with fairness, honesty and respect.

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Yes — as long as you’re totally up-front and honest with us from the get-go. Across the UK, 98% of life insurance policies result in a successful payout.* That other 2% largely comes down to undisclosed pre-existing conditions. We all sugarcoat the truth from time to time (like when the kids asked why you were flushing Gertrude the goldfish down the loo), but that approach doesn’t work when it comes to something as crucial as life insurance. Cheeky smoke down the pub on a Saturday night? Hey, we’re not here to judge — we just want to get you the best possible cover based on your health and lifestyle. It’s what you and your family deserve.


Your route to total peace of mind.

You might not always be around to help build your kids’ future — but you can lay the foundations for them today.

If you pass away, life insurance will make sure your family are financially secure. We’ll be there to see them through.